Woody Guthrie, Bound for Glory

When we think of the history of our country and American folk music, much of it started in the south, on plantation fields and in slave houses. Many of Woody Guthrie’s greatest Dust Bowl ballads were recorded in the 1940s after he had migrated from his home state of Oklahoma to the promised land of California and then to New York City, where the hardscrabble troubadour served as a figurehead in the folk movement and laid to rest in 1967.

This album, Bound for Glory, was produced and released in 1956. It should be required listening to anyone who calls themselves an American. Will Geer (grandpa from The Waltons TV show) narrates throughout the album with citations from Woody’s own writings.

This recording serves as both a history lesson and a fine illustration of why Woody Guthrie is a national treasure.

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