Summer Lovin’: Doting on Literary Magazines

Melissa and chapbooksLast fall, we asked you for your most memorable rejection letters and you delivered. This summer, we want to know more about the literary magazines that inspire you. Where do you send submissions and why? What do literary magazines do that impress you and which ones are actively doing it?

The point:

To spotlight and lead readers to hardworking literary magazines that deserve attention. They can be new, old, online, or in print. Whether they are actively transforming a standard or preserving tradition, we want to honor outlets for great writing and beautiful design.

What you can send:

  • Short (200 words or fewer) anecdotes of your first encounters with lit mags
  • Positive comments on particular magazines or journals (print or online) that you admire
  • Links to favorite issues, pieces of writing, art, or multi-media

From our end:

Already two Atticus authors, Nathan Leslie and Steven Gillis have posted on our blog with their lit mag favorites. Prepare for a summer filled with more Loving Lit Mag posts from Atticus authors, staff, writers, editors, and an assortment of contributors from Paper Dreams: Writers and Editors on the American Literary Magazine coming out in August.


Submissions will be edited for clarity, grammar, and spelling.  While we hope to share all submissions on our blog, Atticus Books reserves the right to reject any submission we feel is not in the spirit of the project (e.g., if your post is filled with rancor, it’s unlikely we’ll publish it). Questions? Send an e-mail to with “Loving Lit Mags” in the subject line.


paper dreams frontPaper Dreams: Writers and Editors on the American Literary Magazine traces the fluid conversation of the written, exalted word. Literary magazines have stood the test of time and the advancements of technology, expanding and adapting while sharing the same goal: to celebrate and disseminate creative expression. This rich, collective history of an evolving medium — from micro-run letterpress examples to digital-only platforms — illustrates the significance of what has become a longstanding creative pillar and cultural linchpin of American society.

Paper Dreams releases August 13, 2013.

Read an interview with Travis Kurowski, editor of Paper Dreams.

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