Rejection: A New Opportunity

Photo Credit: Srikrishna Narasimhan via Flickr

In the fall of 2008, I submitted a short story of historic fiction called “Libby’s Choice,” set in 1905. The editor, Kate Pufal, at History Press at the time wrote me the most beautiful rejection letter. It stated that my story was a good one and well written but not the type of genre that they publish.

I read the email and set it aside. The next day Kate wrote back and asked if I would write a book for them on the North Fork of Long Island where I live. I was elated because I had been trying to be published for a few years.

There is a moral here for writers! Some editors are sensitive and are easy to work with. As a writer, I knew that I would continue to submit no matter what.

-Rosemary McKinley

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