Praise for a Rejected Short Story and Its Author

photo credit: Phil Whitehouse via Flickr


The rejection was so effusive, so loaded with good things about my writing, I’m shocked it didn’t come with a check. – Kurt Mueller


“A good read [and a] dear writer…It is an honor and a thrill to see the incredible range of lives and voices represented in [this] story…This world is an outrageously rich, complex, interwoven place….It’s the kind of writing you should dive into [-] the best kind of writing [:] a good piece of literary fiction [,] expertly written [,] intellectually engaging and emotionally significant. My understanding of humanity, perhaps my own humanity, has been deepened or broadened. It’s complicated, often moving, occasionally unnerving. It’s stuffed with contradiction, fear, love, challenge, possibility, pain, and grace. [He has] no shortage of original material and [his] writing is important…interesting and meaningful…magnificent.”

Source: Glimmer Train


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