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In August, we publish Paper Dreams: Writers and Editors on the American Literary Magazine, a compilation of the continued history and conversations of the people who love new and interesting literature so much they spend their lives dedicated to sharing it with the world. But before we make history, it is only polite to introduce you to the literary magazines that most impress us — Atticus staff, authors, and associates.

Allow us the guilt-free pleasure of leading you to publications that have turned us into better writers and voracious readers and to hopefully, carry on the conversation.

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While we love to read literary magazines for pure enjoyment of a well written story, poem, or essay, lit mags don’t have to be read only for entertainment. They also have the power to forward conversation and direct interest toward meaningful topics and issues. They can persuade, teach, and openly ask questions.

Writer and Paper Dreams contributor Ralph Lombreglia, shares two magazines that both work to broaden a significant  literary community and progressive thinking.

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Ralph: There are so many good magazines, it almost a distortion to single out one or two. But, since you offer the opportunity, I think that The American Scholar and The Agni Review deserve recommendation. They both have excellent and devoted editorial staff, and they both have demonstrated long-term commitment to supporting good writing.

The American Scholar

Although The American Scholar only began publishing fiction in 2006, it has forwarded literary conversation since 1932 with its articles, critiques, essays, and poetry relating to culture, history, science, and literature. The name for the magazine was inspired by a speech by Ralph Waldo Emerson and the magazine continues to follow his values of “independent thinking, self-knowledge, and a commitment to the affairs of the world as well as to books, history, and science.” Check out their formidable list of famous authors they have published in the past, as well as their daily blogs posts, web-exclusives, and book reviews.

The Agni Review

Although not quite as old, The Agni Review was founded in 1972 by an undergraduate student with the calling to mother a lit mag. Like the last recommendation, this magazine has a goal of further community communication, seeing literature as a vehicle for “…a broad, ongoing cultural conversation that every society needs to remain vibrant and alive.” Publishing fiction, essays, reviews, and poetry, this magazine hacks away at discursive conversation from multiple angles. Read more about their history at their “About Us” page. “Our writers and artists hold a mirror up to nature, mankind, the world; they courageously reflect their age, for better or worse; and their work provokes perceptions and thoughts that help us understand and respond to our age.”

 Post Contributor

Ralph Lombregila is the author of the short story collections Men Under Water and Make Me Work, and has been the recipient of support from the Guggenheim and Whiting foundations as well as the National Endowment for the Arts. He is now working on a novel.

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