Jürgen Fauth Reads Kino in Berlin

In April Atticus author Jürgen Fauth hit NYC on a reading tour for his debut novel Kino, a literary thriller.  Then in June he did it again, this time much closer to the book’s setting in Berlin.

It's a sign!
Photo credit: Jürgen Fauth


First at the St Gaudy Cafe, Jürgen read along side with Marcy Dermansky and Jessica Francis Kane at their event, “Rage Into the Night.”


Then he headed over to Shakespeare & Sons Bookstore.

Apparently, we're facing competition from a soccer event of some kind
Notice whose headlining? It's a chalkboard, but still. Photo credit: Jürgen Fauth


Shakespeare & Sons Reading
There's nothing like reading in a room packed with books. Photo credit: Marcy Dermansky


During his trip, Jürgen also visited the Film Haus.  Important, since Kino’s main character Mina, is looking to uncover the truth about her silent film director grandfather.

Photo credit: Jürgen Fauth



Check out this metal android, the same character found in the film Metotropolis, and eerily similar to a book cover (1927) found on the Kino Blog, Tulpendibe.

A freaky artificial human and that character from Metropolis
Photo credit: Marcy Dermansky

Free download: Thea von Harbou’s novel Metropolis (1927)





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