Bruce Springsteen, Greetings from Asbury Park

I was indifferent to much of Bruce’s music into the late ‘90s. In retrospect, I was way too hard on him for his “Dancing in the Dark” phase which I considered a sellout. I always admired his writing but I was never smitten by the flourish of the E Street Band’s hit machine. I revisited his catalogue throughout the ‘90s and enjoyed some of his decisions to go acoustic (The Ghost of Tom Joad reinvigorated my interest in Nebraska.) But the real turning point for me was The Rising in 2002, released shortly after 9/11. The album was like a salve on our nation’s gushing wound. It made me re-evaluate my entire relationship with Bruce’s music. I love this first album and am so glad I kept my heart open to his music. I now consider him the pride of New Jersey and have a deep appreciation for many of his songs and stages. He deserves the title “Boss,” our very own poet laureate of the swamplands.

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