Classics, meet your new friend, Atticus.

FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ – We started this press because we were interested in identifying works that merited a long shelf life, a life so long that people would talk about our titles for generations. That’s right, we founded this press with the wildly ambitious goal of finding “underground modern classics” or what we call Atticus Trade Paperback Originals. (And because we reside in a world of make-believe, we get to use oxymorons too.)

The following list provides a side-by-side glance of popular titles that remind us of Atticus books in style, theme, premise, or spirit. Some are contemporary classics, others critically acclaimed. We’re not saying our authors reinvented these classics. We’re just saying that if you like title X, then you should give Atticus title Y a stroll. Chances are you’re going to love it.

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Wonder if the fictional fiction of At Swim-Two-Birds can be done again? The Absent Traveler takes up the challenge.

Two BirdsTraveler

Miss out on the drama of The Marriage Plot? Daring to Eat a Peach is there to remind you how beautiful life can be, if you allow it.


Miss the ridiculous failures of Pnin? Fight For Your Long Day is there to keep the laughs going.

PninLong Day

If The Things They Carried is a reminder of the War in Vietnam, Tracks is a reminder of the wars people face every day when they wake up.

The things They CarriedTracks

Want a curtain call of Moby Dick? The Snow Whale takes the stage by storm.


Miss the life and times of The Great Gatsby? Call up The Great Lenore!


Applied to work in Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Book Store? Send a cover letter to Mr. Crane in The Bee-Loud Glade.

book storebee

Does Will You Be Quiet, Please? give you just enough hope in humanity? An End to All Things will leave you wondering how people do it.


The Broom in the System make you wonder about the American Identity? The Tall Tale of Tommy Twice has it in spades.

wallacetommy twice

Civilwarland in Bad Decline too real for you? The Law of Strings is, too.


Would the books of Benno von Archimboldi in 2666 be on your bookshelves? We think the films made famous in Kino would be nearby.


Airships is the king of your story collection reads? Three Ways of the Saw goes for the throne.


Song of Solomon showed us the importance of going home. Sidewalk Dancing reminds us why.

song of solomonsidewalk

Think On Writing could use a literary magazine version? Paper Dreams fills that hunger.

kingpaper dreams

Like The Day of the Locust’s familiar mayhem and truthful characters? Fondly continues that madness and beauty.


Think The Fermata made the bedroom interesting? Check out The Shimmering Go-Between!


Tired of tracking Middle-Earth in The Lord of the Rings? Go on an apocalyptic road trip with the All-American Fellowship in The Messiah Trilogy!


Your copy of The Joy Luck Club is falling apart? Give Belief Is Its Own Kind of Truth, Maybe a whirl!



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