Who Is Our First Signed Author of 2013?


We can’t tell you quite yet! In the meantime, we can give you hints on his identity. We’ve been whetting curiosities about our mystery author all week on Twitter, and we’ll continue over the next few days. Trust us: he’s not Bruce Wayne.


Our First Signed Author of 2013…

…has published work in PANK, American Short Fiction, and Everyday Genius (is he the reincarnation of Albert Einstein?)

…is 27 and single. Marriage proposals accepted. (Apply below.)

…looks like Devendra Banhart and smells better than James Franco. (Swooning is appropriate.)

…loves William Gaddis, Danielle Dutton, W.G. Sebald, Rachel Glaser, Zachary Schomburg, Horacio Moya, Bolaño, Proust, Flann O’Brien, Ben Marcus, David Ohle, Adolfo Casares, and Amelia Gray, among other writers.

…worked as a bicycle repairman on Martha’s Vineyard & a bookseller at various used bookstores. (Which is perfect for our staff, because we have bikes that need fixing and some used books to sell.)

…has spent plenty of time in graveyards, but he’s not a zombie. One Vermont graveyard he visited had several 1800s tombstones for the town’s children, who all seemed to die at once, possibly of the same illness.

… jogged by a graveyard in Martha’s Vineyard with old stones covered in moss and lichen that made them look alive.

…says: “Remembrance of Things Past pretty much changed my life.”

…recently read YA classic Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli and “loved a lot about that book.”

…will hang with us at AWP, so come say hello!



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