Hell Yeah! Worthy: Legos, The 6-Year-Old Judge, Literary Lunch, The Great Debate, and the Apocalypse

curated by the Atticus Books staff, Hell Yeah! Worthy is a weekly Friday feature where our staff distills the plethora of scat on the internet into a succinct list of the best you haven’t seen, the best you ignored, and the best you should visit again

Lego Literature
I never understood Lego video games with actual Lego people as the characters, but these Lego versions of famous authors are pretty cool. I also think Louisa May Alcott looks quite a bit like Princess Leia, so in case you’ve lost her from your Star Wars Lego collection, you’re set. (Abby)

Judging A Book By Its Cover
One 6-year-old judges classic novels (Lord of the Flies, The Color Purple) and contemporary books (50 Shades of Gray) by their covers. I’d love to see what interpretations she has of our books. (Lacey)

Literary Lunch
A striking series of photographs depicting meals from famous works of literature. Each image conveys the unique character of the meal and the book it is from, while leaving you with some lingering questions. Did Holden really need three different beverages with one meal? And why on earth did Oliver Twist want more of whatever is in that bowl? (Magdalen)

What Makes Literature Great?
Dwight Allen called out Stephen King as overrated. In response, Sarah Langan pointed out why exactly we (in the broadest sense) can’t seem to get over him. Both essays are interesting in their own way, but what I find fascinating here is the bigger conversation going on, one we face every day at Atticus: What is it that makes literature truly great? Is it great for side-stepping the cliches and unrealistic heroism we deem too sentimental? Or is it great for hitting you in the face with that same heroism, the kind so hard to find in every day life, that it makes you think, as Langan puts it, “I want to go kiss my spouse, hold my kids, thank God they’re healthy. I want to fix the things that are broken.” (Libby)

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It
With the Mayan’s 2012 prediction looming and the weather growing steadily stranger, sometimes, it really does seem like the end is near. This list of 10 apocalyptic novels might give you some insight into the way the end all goes down. (Lindsay)