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Math for Bookworms

Source: Jamie Schimley, GraphJam, 2008

Although I’m terrible at math, I love pie charts. For a book nerd there’s no better pie chart than a literary pie chart, even if you’re terrible at math. Behold: Don Delillo’s Underworld pie chart(16% paranoia, 6% justice seeking nuns), Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment pie chart (25% Raskolnikov walking, 21% Raskolnikov in bed), and my personal favorite, Flaubert’s Madame Bovary pie chart (70% Emma unhappy, 5% ornery countryfolk). (Lacey)

Searching for Your Literary Roots
Some people are sure of their literary heritage, others may still be searching for long-lost writerly parents. Just copy and paste some of your writing into I Write Like and the site tells you which author your writing is similiar to. (Abby)

Movies Based on Books Based on Movies…Or Something?
We’ve all seen countless movies based on books, but how about movies based on books from a movie? These six tiny animations are just that. In the new film “Moonrise Kingdom,” one of the main characters is an avid reader and these precious animated sequences bring her favorite books to life, in a style reminiscent of many beloved children’s book covers. (Magdalen)

Another Literary Film
I sure hope Hollywood keeps pumping out these remakes of the classics, because as long as they do, I’ll keep sharing the trailers as soon as they’re released. Although in the case of Anna Karenina, I should shamefacedly admit I have yet to read the thing front to back. Hopefully Keira Knightley and Jude Law will be just the motivation I need to work my way through the copy gathering dust on my bookshelf. (Libby)

Pop-Up Fun
Remember when you were a kid and you were chugging along reading that same old picture book with your mom or dad, until suddenly, mom turned the page and booooom, the pictures were flying right out of the book? Well, pop-up books are no longer age restricted. Flavorwire’s put together a whole list of awesome pop-ups made for adults. (Lindsay)